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[February 08, 2009]
[ mood | awake ]

Sometimes I feel like everyone is trying to send me secret messages. Friends, strangers, acquaintances- and I think I know the secret so I feel like we have this treasure we share and it makes me love people for holding something sacred and hate them for never letting me know.


strangley soothing [January 14, 2009]
[ mood | bored ]

went to sarasota with britta. bobby and aaron were in town. stayed at casa da mosely, where momma mose bought us each 90$ bottles of champagne and needless to say hilarity ensued. now they are coming to visit here! also got new cat- pictures soon of all mammals therein.

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my new juicer and how i feel about it [December 17, 2008]


cuddlefishery [December 12, 2008]
[ mood | sile ]

went to a lecture on the color patters of cuttlefish and octopi last night

fun story about the cuttlefish: cuttle fish have a very short life span and thus only have one chance to make it to the mating grounds. when they do, all of the males fight over the females,the biggest of which usually win the battle. the smaller male cuttlefish however have figured out a trick. they ball themselves up and change their color patterns to look like a pregnant cuttlefish lady, ie they cross dress. they then sneak over to the females while the big male is fighting off other big males and mate with them in secret. the kicker though is that when the lady cuttlefish goes to fertilize her egg and has a choice of all of the cuttle fish she has recently mated with, she chooses not the sperm of the brute males, but instead the sperm of the "cross dressing" smaller male.

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wtf body? [December 10, 2008]
[ mood | sleepy ]

i am literally breaking out in hives from stress. and its weird because i have chilled out about the whole travis sitch and work and even money but im still itchy. bah humbug. i had a beer with jo at stoagies tonight and we had a really good chat and it makes me feel like i need to start getting out more. ive just been hanging out with the same 3 people (whom i love) but it felt really good to get an outside opinion on things and talk about shit i dont talk about with people because we have our own dramas going on. i have downsized all of the house clutter to my own room which means getting to bed is an obstacle course but hope fully i will utilize the next few days off in a major room rethink. i miss emily.

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[November 22, 2008]
[ mood | crushed ]

my mom says shes scared that I'm making my world too small but for me it can't be small enough.


[November 20, 2008]
[ mood | dirty ]

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

It was cold, we feasted...Collapse )

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at the hop [November 13, 2008]
[ mood | contemplative ]

going to daytona-ormond area all weekend for tirzah's wedding stravaganza. DONT READ THIS TIRZAH
but I promised I would paint her something and I have no idea what to do. I want it to be really cool but definitely something marlow looks at when shes like 13 and is like "MOM WTF IS THIS" so we'll see. Anyway it's going to be good to get away from all this for awhile. I need a mexicoma.


"i love you" means [November 02, 2008]
you have a huge cock.

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my head hurts [October 29, 2008]
[ mood | cranky ]

the apartment is sort of clean. i have to work halloween but big deal. tirzah's wedding is so soon!!!! oh and also im sort of sickeningly in love. but whats new.


think i wanna die [August 08, 2008]
got really drunk last night. spilled more than 2 drinks and danced a lot. ALSO got a new job at the sweetest coffee shop in st augustine (apart from my host beast of a boss) and am also making tips so that means I can save up more. I want to move to provence and be a hot air ballon navigator. Britta brought home this book called "delaying the real world" and its full of shit like that. you can move to new zealand and be a goat farmer or italy and work on a winery. so why the fuck am I still here?

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sorry world [July 21, 2008]
internet is hard to come by so this is my first touch of the plastic keys in what feels like weeks. The past while has consisted mostly of:

- getting in awful fights with my parents
+ hanging out with justine alot!
+ going to the beach nearly everyday (I can proudly call myself "tan")
- not having any money
+ mushrooming too much
+ drinking more
- missing my bed and a certain person in it
+ getting a new moleskin and fancy dresses
- not having hours at work
+ biking ALOT
+ going to house shows
+ forgetting how fun WOV is, going, and getting so drunk I danced like a fool

anyway JADE I miss you and not talking to you makes me a very sad panda. I also have no idea what music is doing or fashion or CELEBRITIES!!!? but its freeing I guess. I feel like an idiot because I can't really summerize my last few weeks. so find me. and talk to me. how bout that?


interwebless [July 05, 2008]
No one has internet
or a working computer
so Im updateless

TODAY was so good!
went to jax with britts
got fancy vintage dress, rode monorail, went to burritto gallery AND chamblins and thus now have

: Flannery O'Conner short Stories
: collection of colette stories

AND the kicker!!!

: MOONCHILD aleister crowley

which tommarrow is the day I finnaly get to go to an O.T.O mass, although they look down on robes and matching nikes supposedly

anyway starbucks is boring and I cant wait to move to lincolnville. and make hats, and grow up. figuring shit out is hard


fucking life! [June 17, 2008]
[ mood | drunk ]

anna called me
she was at a hotel
i go with friends
get a flat tire
swim in the ocean
get drunk
and get backstage tommarrow night


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hats [June 16, 2008]

I'm sorry I'm greasy but BRITTA AND I MADE HATS!! and mine is badass so I'm becoming a milliner


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silver sands of saint augustine [June 14, 2008]
[ mood | awake ]

Being home is both a blessing and a curse. I've basically picked up from where I left but in the best possible way. I'm so fucking glad I have friends who are amazing and take care of me when I'm poor and homeless (well...not wanting to go home)

+  I am officially a St Augustine Tour Guide!!!
+  I made cupcakes in the microwave FROM PANCAKE MIX
+  I get paid next week
+  Lauren will be here in like...a few weeks!!!!
+  We've been biking everywhere
+  and I have subsequently lost 10 pounds
+  the sex and the city movie, while it had its faults, STILL RULED
I saw Tirzah and her fetus!!!!!!!
+  tofu...yes I said tofu was a plus

-  My parents think I'm crazy
-  and thus took me to the doctor
-  who said I wasn't
-  so now I'm out of the will/house and home
-  I'm broke
and owe the bank
and I still miss stefan in the most disgusting way possible

But things always get worse before they get better so I must have a heap of good comin' my way

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i want the whole sea [May 18, 2008]
[ mood | contemplative ]

being here is refreshing but the social butterfly in me knows I can only hold out for so long. I've been riding my bike everyday through the perfect condo-lined streets and while a big part of me misses hustle and bustle, an even bigger part knows i can live on the shoreline alone. I have an interview at starbucks (dont judge me) tommorrow. I think I'm doomed to spend my whole life missing people.

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polar opposites [April 14, 2008]
[ mood | confused ]

life is weird. I don't know anything about anything. I feel tired all of the time and feel miserable most of the time. It's really not as bad as I make it sound. I feel like Asheville would be perfect for 27-year old socially adept me and not so much 19-year old self loathing me. I miss lauren and blake. I miss riding my bike. I miss the beach and the sun and having a routine. blah blah blah

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[January 19, 2008]
[ mood | listless ]

  • I stopped listening to shitty hard core in 8th grade
  • I stopped liking boys like you in 9th grade
  • I know you really like girls in 10 grade
but the college girl in me can't help but love your fucking gorgeous bird, resemblance to devendra in a jean jacket, and big cuddly arms that always make it to bed before sunrise.

  1. in other news I miss my ljfamous-sassy-hotassed roomie
  2. My other roomate got the cutest dog in the world
  3. I can't find a job anywhere
  4. Mastercleanse monday
  5. I got a cat
  6. classes arent awful (although 3d design is really confusing)
  7. My parents are reluctantly helping me
  8. I havent done drugs in almost 2 weeks
  9. barack and beer tuesdays!!!
and I have enough tequilla for a few more sunrises. Yay adulthood!

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[December 31, 2007]
[ mood | confused ]

I am the dotted line,
And you fill me in with whatever you like.
I am just going through the motions.
I need an old fashioned potion.
There has gotta be some old recipe.
'Cuz I gotta get drunk,
I gotta forget about somethings.

I lived in lies all my life,
And I've been living here for a long, long time,
And I know its been coming down a while now,
When it shows, then you get me on the dial,
But right now you're half way around the world,
Maybe I'll see better days, but I'm not so sure I will.
I'm still hanging round and round.
Sometimes it's a racket, but lately not a sound.
In the bowels of history and time,
I have learned to stay back and never shine.
Now I feel stupid when I smile.
For not a journey, a circus are our lives.

I can't make up for everything I waste,
And I know that I could never afford a taste,
Of anything that your lovely hands make,
It eats away with a force so great.
Just because it brings a smile to my face,
such a bad memory, you just can't erase.

I know of a City to steal from,
And I know of a City to cheat on,
And I know of a City of Sin,
And that's the place I wanna meet you in,
And say hello all over again,
Romance me and take it back to the beginning.


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